Easy Healthy Delicious Home-Made Pizza!


So tonight me and Ray made some easy homemade pizzas! We made vegetarian pizzas, but you can easily at your favourite meat topping, such as salami, beef, or chicken. They are an extremely quick, nutritious, yummy, and filling dinner idea or snack. For those who haven’t tried pizza made on Lebanese bread, you should try it!! The base is really crisp and crunchy– it is really nice not to mention way healthier!

They took about 30 minutes, including preparation and cooking time.

What you need: Whole meal Lebanese bread, tomato paste, diced onion, grated cheddar cheese, thinly sliced zucchini, thin strips of capsicum, green olives (I find green olives way tastier than black ones), sliced mushroom, cayenne pepper (this is optional, but for those who like to spice their meals up a bit it is really nice!).

Simple side salad (optional)- cos lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced gherkin, grated carrot, 100% fat free French Dressing (optional).

How to make them:

1) Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

2) Spread tomato paste on bread. Add diced onions. Top with all of the vegetables, cheese, and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

3) Put pizzas into oven- this works best if you lay them on a square of tin foil. However if you are careful you can just put it straight into the oven.

4) Take them out after 15 minutes or when they look crisp and the cheese has melted. Cut into 4 slices.

Serve with side salad!

sdfsdAnd it is as easy as that! Dinner done! I hope people try this recipe out and realise that pizza doesn’t have to be an unhealthy dinner, but can be really nutritious and healthy!



DIY Perfect Pretty Pink Nails

I love my OPI nail polish! Here I am wearing OPI Sweet Heart (baby pink) and OPI Pink Yet Lavender (pink glitter). For a unique, modern look, paint your fourth nail a different colour. This would have also looked good with white polish, instead of glitter.

Pretty Pink Nails

I find that my OPI nail polish goes on really smoothly, has strong colour with only one coat of paint (see photo), and lasts for around a week!

DIY Pretty Bohemian-inspired Party

I just got back from a really nice bohemian-themed birthday get-together. It was supposed to be held in the garden, but rain drove us inside. While the rain gave the grass a good watering, it did not dampen our spirits- we set up the gazebo in the lounge room instead!

IMG_5631For a bohemian look, wear a colourful flowing dress/skirt, a headpiece (it can be a chain- see above photo-or a flower headpiece), and simple jewellery (rings, bangles, long necklaces, gemstones etc).

IMG_5633I love these rings! Combining numerous thin gold rings together is such a nice look.  I also thought having a few dainty string bracelets would add to the bohemian theme.

IMG_5764My favourite time of day! The sun makes everything and everyone glow.




IMG_5810These three look so pretty. Their headpieces and jewellery completed the bohemian look.


IMG_5846Love the contrast of colours in this shot- gold, turquoise, orange, and green. They are all so vibrant and complement each other so well.

IMG_5771Group shot! Note the head pieces, jewellery, flowing dresses/skirts, and vests create the bohemian vibe.

IMG_5682Just a few Kookaburras hanging out on the washing line. These birds are native to Australia and New Guinea, and have such an amazing call- it actually sounds like they are laughing!

IMG_5663Olives- my favourite!

IMG_5667A really good platter to have at a party- water crackers, olives, sun dried tomatoes, and a few types of cheese. Mmm…

IMG_6142These are such amazing decorations! They are tissue paper pom poms hung on elastic. They look so pretty with fairy lights next to them- the light just shines through the edges accentuating the pom pom’s ruffled effect.

IMG_6144Beautiful crystal chandelier




Most of these images were taken by Ray- if you like them visit his blog here!

DIY Interior Decoration Tips: Black & White Colour Scheme

Have you ever been told  not to have a black and white themed room for fear that it will look bland, empty, and cold? Well think again- this is a myth!

For a minimalistic and elegant room, with a warm, inviting, and fresh feeling, follow a few simple design tips

black fireplace

1) Do not be afraid to add a little bit of colour to your black and white room.

2) Have decorations (cushions, throws etc) that are not block colours of black and white, but black and white patterns or lighter shades (beige, brown, cream, grey etc). A grey throw looks lovely against a white couch, or you can even add a splash of colour by draping a lovely lime green throw across your chair.

ArtSymphony_Black & white interior

4) Having a rug goes a long way in regards to the aesthetic quality of your room. Rugs act as the centre of the space, around which your furniture can surround. Add a rustic red moroccan-inspired rug, or a faux sheepskin rug, to complete your space. 

5) A plant in your room can also add just that bit of colour that a black and white room needs. The deep crisp green will give your room a fresh, bright appearance.


6) A piece of furniture in a different colour can also add some warmth to a black and white room. Add a deep blue or soft grey armchair to bring some more colour into the room.

7) As my final tip– I have found that when designing your room, you have to come from the heart. It might seem random to add a blue chair and a red rug to a black and white room, but adding different colours, shapes, and textures to your room will prevent your room from looking boring and allow you to add your unique flair!

Feel free to comment if you have any questions!

Happy decorating!

Images from Euro Style Lighting