DIY Interior Decoration Tips: Black & White Colour Scheme

Have you ever been told  not to have a black and white themed room for fear that it will look bland, empty, and cold? Well think again- this is a myth!

For a minimalistic and elegant room, with a warm, inviting, and fresh feeling, follow a few simple design tips

black fireplace

1) Do not be afraid to add a little bit of colour to your black and white room.

2) Have decorations (cushions, throws etc) that are not block colours of black and white, but black and white patterns or lighter shades (beige, brown, cream, grey etc). A grey throw looks lovely against a white couch, or you can even add a splash of colour by draping a lovely lime green throw across your chair.

ArtSymphony_Black & white interior

4) Having a rug goes a long way in regards to the aesthetic quality of your room. Rugs act as the centre of the space, around which your furniture can surround. Add a rustic red moroccan-inspired rug, or a faux sheepskin rug, to complete your space. 

5) A plant in your room can also add just that bit of colour that a black and white room needs. The deep crisp green will give your room a fresh, bright appearance.


6) A piece of furniture in a different colour can also add some warmth to a black and white room. Add a deep blue or soft grey armchair to bring some more colour into the room.

7) As my final tip– I have found that when designing your room, you have to come from the heart. It might seem random to add a blue chair and a red rug to a black and white room, but adding different colours, shapes, and textures to your room will prevent your room from looking boring and allow you to add your unique flair!

Feel free to comment if you have any questions!

Happy decorating!

Images from Euro Style Lighting


DIY Beautiful Outdoor Birthday Get-together!

Here are some pictures of a really great birthday gathering I went to today. It was such a lovely set-up! I hope you get some inspiration to create a breath-taking setting for an event, or just to relax in!

To create this look, you need: a gazebo, outdoor fairy lights (warm white), white net (the ones we used are actually mosquito nets), chandelier (optional), a rug, cushions, a small low table, basic decorations (i.e.vase of flowers, candles). Music also helps to set the mood!







IMG_5387A gazebo draped with fairy lights and sheer billowing sheets creates such a magical feeling.






We were surrounded by flickering candle light and the glittering reflections from the crystal chandelier as we came together for a night of good company, good food, and good conversation.







IMG_5527Follow the lights for a night of magic and wonder…


IMG_5487I just love this shot of the flowers with the fairy lights in the background- don’t you?







The soothing, ethereal music from a Celtic harp dramatically added to the mystical, surreal vibe of the setting.







While I took a few of these photos, most of them were taken by Ray. Check out his other photos and photography tips on his blog!

Hand-drawn Dream catcher

I thought I would share with you guys one of my most recent drawings. I love how the dream catcher is so simple, yet so detailed. Having pictures like this in your living space really contributes to a clean, calm atmosphere.

Having the dark pencil drawing- with just a touch of colour from the beads- on a plain white back drop really makes the image pop. I think the addition of a white wooden frame really puts the icing on the cake as well. Hand-drawn Dream catcher

These photographs were taken by my partner, Ray. You can check out more of his photos here!

DIY Simple & Lovely String Lantern/Chandelier

Here are some string lanterns that I made! I love the organic shapes of the lanterns- they are such cool, quirky, simple decorations that add a really fresh and clean vibe to any space!

Hang them in the corner of your living room above a lamp, in your bedroom, on your balcony, or basically anywhere to make your living space just a little bit cooler and more unique.

DIY simple string lantern/chandelier

You will need: PVA glue; tray for glue (optional); string; balloons; fishing wire; white spray paint

How to:
1) Blow up balloons to desired size.
2) Cut pieces of string (30-60cm*) and run them through the glue- the string should be completely covered with glue.
3) Wrap the string around the balloon- start vertically, then as you can go you can wrap it in different directions.
4) Hang the balloons to dry.
5) When dry (it took approx. half a day) take them down, lay them on some plastic or newspaper, and spray paint them white. Hang them back up and leave them for the rest of the day to dry.
6) Hang them up with fishing wire

Tips for creating:
1) I’m pretty sure most hardware glues- i.e wallpaper glue- will work fine.
2) To create a really round shape make sure you use ROUND balloons. I used normal balloons and they still worked out fine, just not as round.
3) Some instructions say to mix the glue with corn starch and water- I just used plain old glue and it was fine!
4) I didn’t use a tray for the glue, I just poured it on a sheet of plastic
5) I hung my balloons to dry on pieces of string from a clothes horse.
6) Mine really didn’t take more than 4 hours to be completed- I do, however, live in a hot country so this could have increased drying time.

Tips for displaying:
1) You can hang them all at different lengths- this adds a bit of depth and variation to your decoration.
2) Hang them above a lamp to create shadows of the lanterns on the wall.

*The bigger the balloon, the longer my pieces of strings were. Each balloon was wrapped with around 4 pieces.

Inspiration from Ruffled Blog.

Take me to Canada!

Take me to Canada!

I would love to visit or live in Canada! Don’t get me wrong, Australia has its perks- great beaches, sunny for the majority of the year, relaxing. However, I don’t want to live in country that is a holiday destination that is characterised by being sleepy and sunny. I want to live and grow in an environment that has more going on and is more connected to the world. I think Canada has this as it is right next door to one of the leading countries in the world- America! I am also attracted to Canadian weather. As I am originally from England, I appreciate all of the four seasons. And I have to say that I miss having white Christmas’! In Queensland- where the weather is sub-tropical- it is usually very hot and humid at Christmas. When you have experienced settling down next to a roaring fire while watching as the snow softly falls outside, opening presents just isn’t the same with sweat trickling down your neck!

Indoor lighting tips

Lights can make all the difference

I am an avid believer that you can use lights to spruce up any space. I love all of these images that I have found and taken (bottom left) as they show what a difference light can make to a room/area. With the right placement (somewhere that doesn’t look bad during the day time) and the right kind of light (I have found that the colour ‘warm white’ is much nicer that plain ‘white’) you can create a space that has a much warmer, inviting vibe!

Love this site

Love this site

I thought I would share this site with you guys. For those of who haven’t heard of Stereomood, it is an online radio where the playlists are categorised by moods. So far, most of the songs I have listened too have been really nice. It is a good place to hear music that you never would have discovered otherwise. They always change the playlists too so you never listen to the exact same reel of songs. Right now I am listening to the jazz playlist 🙂 While I am on the topic of jazz I recently stumbled upon a great jazz musician: Diana Krall. I have literally had her recording of one of her albums (Live in Paris) on repeat. Here is the link to one of her songs ( For those who are interested in watching the recording of the album, pay attention to the musicians in the background- they just look so focused and happy with what they are doing! It just shows that it is possible to have a career in something that you are passionate about!

This is me

this is me

Hi there! My name is Kirsty, and I have created Honey Living as a place to discover, bring together, and document the things that I like. The blog will share and discuss lots of things that I consider exciting, from architecture to good food to craft projects. I hope that everyone who decides to stop by for a read will leave feeling just a little bit more inspired! Feel free to comment on anything as I would love to hear your perspectives 🙂