Lorde: A Young and Rising New Artist

Lorde: A young but powerful artist

I love this new artist. She is 17 years old and from New Zealand. Her songs- described as a “stylish mix of arty, confessional bedroom pop and club-ready electro-rock”- have rocketed to the top of the charts worldwide. I love her song, The Love Club- listen to it here!


Love this site

Love this site

I thought I would share this site with you guys. For those of who haven’t heard of Stereomood, it is an online radio where the playlists are categorised by moods. So far, most of the songs I have listened too have been really nice. It is a good place to hear music that you never would have discovered otherwise. They always change the playlists too so you never listen to the exact same reel of songs. Right now I am listening to the jazz playlist 🙂 While I am on the topic of jazz I recently stumbled upon a great jazz musician: Diana Krall. I have literally had her recording of one of her albums (Live in Paris) on repeat. Here is the link to one of her songs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it1NaXrIN9I). For those who are interested in watching the recording of the album, pay attention to the musicians in the background- they just look so focused and happy with what they are doing! It just shows that it is possible to have a career in something that you are passionate about!